Sunday, February 10, 2002

The Government is likely to abolish the Inspector General of Corrective Services position

The Mulawa inspection report recommendations below strictly illustrate how important he is.

Inspector General of Corrective Services Report Recommendations Dec 02

Report on an Inspection of Mulawa Correctional Centre for Women

1. That the Department grant approval to the proposal by management at Mulawa to relocate inmates within the centre and that it assist in ensuring that the proposal is implemented as soon as possible.

2. That the modifications planned for the MPU at Mulawa be given the utmost priority, with completion, at very least, being before the end of the 2002 calendar year. The Multi-Purpose Unit constructed in 1989, accommodates around 40 newly received inmates and holds them for the period of their induction. Has 5 cells for segregation. Has two safe cells and one dry cell to accommodate acutely at risk inmates; and provides four cells for Drug Court participants.

3. That the minor renovations required to improve the bed rest area within the Clinic be undertaken immediately and that air conditioning be installed in the clinic as soon as possible.

4. That the Department consider the allocation of funds for the minor capital works required to increase the number of interview rooms and replace the small window at the inquiry counter of the visits section.

5. That the management at the centre ensure that:
Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Committee conducts an audit of outstanding issues.

The OH&S Committee consult with inmates on OH&S issues through the monthly Inmate Development Committees (IDC) and Aboriginal Inmate Committees (AIC) meetings.

An implementation plan be developed to prioritise the resolution of OH&S issues.

6 That the Department conduct a review of the maintenance approval process with a view to streamlining it.

7. That the Corrective Services Industries immediately take steps to fill the position of 'Manager Centre Services & Employment' at Mulawa and that person coordinate an assessment of outstanding major risk issues such as fire certification, emergency evacuation plans and building services.

8. That the Department take immidiate steps to re-deploy a suitable number of experienced officers to Mulawa, at least until the anticipated opening of Dilwynia in late 2003.

9. That the Department work towards the development of a 'female centre specific' staffing formula which is based upon the recognition that the needs of women inmates are significantly different and more resource intensive then those of men.

10.That the Department examine and assess the benefits that may accrue to the operation of correctional centres by the transfer of staff on long-term sick leave on to Regional establishments.

11.That the Department conduct an urgent review of the training and, in particular, first aid/CPR training, of staff at Mulawa to asses the need to provide additional refresher courses.

12. That the Department give consideration to the creation of a 'Staff Training Officer' position a Mulawa on a trial basis to assess the benefits of such a position to the management of the centre.

13. That the Department give consideration to the installation of six additional computer terminals within Wyndara and the Dawn de Loas centre at Mulawa

14. That the Department give consideration to increasing the centre's Administration Manager's financial delegation to $5000.

15. That the Department and the centre's management consider the use of the Drug Detection Dogs to randomly screen the large number of airline bags that enter Mulawa each day.

16. That the Department expedite the installation of additional telephones within the MPU of Mulawa Correctional Centre.

17. That the Department take steps to ensure that correctional centres comply with the standing instruction regarding the use of IDC and AIC delegates to assist in the orientation of new arrivals.

18. That the Department review the operation of the library at Mulawa with particular reference to the proper cataloguing of the materials and access being provided to legal reference materials including legislation governing the Department's operations.

19.That the Department, in consultation with inmates, explore alternative lunch provisions to the existing sandwiches and assess options for maintaining hygiene and related controls over evening meal preparation prior to any final decision on the introduction of pro-serve meals throughout the centre.

20. That the Department consider implementing a system of random screening of buy-up goods entering correctional centres and incorporating random screening by drug detector dogs as part of the security process.

21. That the Department:

approve the establishment of a Visitor Clerk position at Mulawa.

Review arrangements for the booking of visits to Mulawa.

Provide more helpful information about the visits process through electronic and other means.

22. That the Department assess the feasibility of providing a visitor shuttle bus service from Auburn Station to the Silverwater complex to supplement the lack of public transport access.

23. That the Department establish a Violence Prevention Program for female inmates as soon as practicable.

24. That the Department review, as soon as practicable, the delivery of welfare services at Mulawa including the interation of welfare officers with other areas at the centre and professional supervision of welfare staff.

25. That the Department require commands to conduct systematic reviews of the operation of the inmate application, misconduct and Inmate Committee processes in each correctional centre with a view to ensuring compliance with its policy directives and improvement in the quality of these systems.

26. That the Department, in consultation with CHS Corrective Health Services, review the plans for the Mental Health Assessment Unit to be constructed at Mulawa to determine if the number of beds in that facility needs to be increased.

27. That the Department, as a matter of urgency, provide the resources for the establishment of a 24 hour Risk Assessment & Intervention Team (RAIT) at Mulawa.

28. That the Department examine whether the delegation to conduct inquiries into misconduct charges could be extended to include SCO's relieving in the position of Area Manager.

29. That the Department:

Conduct a review of its urinalysis procedures and conduct audits at correctional centres to ensure that both the notification of positive tests are taking place and diversionary programs are being made available.

Consider the successful involvement of inmates in drug diversionary programs as an alternative to loss of privileges as a penalty for a positive urine test.

30. That the centre's management establish a procedure that ensures the earliest possible contact between Probation and Parole (P&P) Officers and inmates received into custody on revocation of parole.

31. That probation and Parole revise its staffing profile in accordance with the strategy contained with the Woman's Action Plan 2 (2000-2003) with particular attention being paid to the resources available at Mulawa.

32. That the Department's Alcohol and other Drug Services Unit conduct an urgent review of the AOD service delivery capacity at Mulawa.

33. That the centre's management review the caseload allocation to ensure that, where possible, inmates on an officer's caseload are located in areas of the centre where the case officer normally performs his/her duties.

34. That the Department take immediate action to fill the position of Program Manager at Mulawa.

35. That the Department give consideration to the placement of the Women's Services Unit within the new Women's Facilities and Services Command.

By Gregory Kable posted 10 Feb 03


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