Monday, October 3, 2005

Avian Flu hyped for profits?

Louis Pasteur, father of the germ theory, confessed on his deathbed that he was wrong about the germ being the cause of disease. The famous quotation went like this. "It's the soil, not the seed."

From the time we were little children and given those vaccinations supposedly to prevent us getting sick, we've been taught to be fearful of bacteria, viruses and that we pass these harmful germs to one another and is why we get sick.

In response to the stupid hype about bird flu I've written a piece about how i see it... Far from a normal life So what's a normal healthy life? Tim O'Shea describes a normal life

You're born. You get no drugs and no vaccinations. During childhood you have the usual illnesses, but conservative treatment gets you through them without antibiotics or drugs, and you build your natural immune defenses. You don't eat white sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils, too much meat or cheese, or drink soft drinks or pasteurized milk. You concentrate on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and a clean, natural diet. You never learn to drink coffee or to smoke cigarettes.

The only pills you take are natural antioxidants and enzymes and minerals, which are part of your daily intake. You drink at least 1 liter of water every day. Into adulthood, you never get sick: no colds, no flu, no headaches, no diabetes, no ADD, no "thyroid problems," no panic attacks, growing pains, fatigue, or digestive disorders, no high blood pressure. The only pains you experience come from accidental injury.

Perhaps you do moderate exercise or sports activity to maintain mobility and general fitness. You look to the care of your spine. Your entire adulthood is spent in this disease-free mode. As you age, your mind gets sharper, your body gets stronger, your immune system tougher. You experience no arthritis, cancer, or osteoporosis, no Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

Finally one day after 90 or 100 years, you flicker like a candle and go out In these days of Bird flu paranoia, Sars, Hiv/aids and the list goes on we have come a long way from Tim O'Shea's normal life.

I've often wondered why our health needs so much attention.
Oh, that we could live our lives as described by O'Shea.
Where did we go wrong?
Could it be the invention of the germ theory?

The germ theory is the original basis of orthodox medicine

It states that infectious diseases are due primarily to invasion by certain aggressive micro- organisms and that a specific germ is responsible for each disease.

Yes that's what we have been told all our lives.

From the time we were little children and given those vaccinations supposedly to prevent us getting sick, we've been taught to be fearful of bacteria, viruses and that we pass these harmful germs to one another and is why we get sick.

Germs are associated with disease but the point is whether they are the primary cause or mere secondary factors.

Judie C. Rall from The Center for Unhindered Living writes:

The state of development of these organisms depends upon the state of the medium in which the germ lives. In other words, the microbes which live in our cells and assist the cells in maintaining a healthy state will mutate into bacteria, fungus, and viruses when the tissues of our bodies in which they live change to provide a medium for their growth. They begin to become "pathogenic" when the pH of the tissues becomes more acidic.

These primitive organisms can live in our bodies in the microbe stage indefinitely, and do not cause disease.

Most of the germs which enter our bodies from the outside are quickly killed by the immune system. But it is the microorganisms which live permanently in our bodies that cause us to get sick. And they cause sickness because we provide them with a rich growth medium so that they can mutate and transform themselves into deadly bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

So you see, whether or not we get sick and die has very little to do with what germ we catch, but has everything to do with whether we keep our bodies free of the dead matter which these germs feed on. The dead matter these germs feed on is produced when the pH in our bodies is altered from a slightly alkaline state to a progressively more acidic state.

When we eat too much processed food, especially sugar, when we smoke too much or drink too much coffee and alcohol then we become sick.

Next step is medical treatment in the form of antibiotics

Ross Horne Author of health and Survival in the 21st century 1992 says that 'to believe that antibiotics and vaccines offer a way to cheat nature would be a dangerous error. Nature cannot be fooled and her justice is uncompromising.'

Nature's unforgiveness can be witnessed by all the side effects that come from the medical treatments such as antibiotics and vaccines.

Vaccines were developed in light of the germ theory.

We are told that there are all these germs out there - that we have no ability to protect ourselves or our children against them.
The present germ is the avian flu virus.
We are told to prepare for the worst!

The bird flu virus or H5N1 is very same bird virus that was being "researched", meaning it was being actively changed and cultured, when Liu Jianlun, a laboratory scientist in China's Guangdong province became the first SARS victim two years ago - on 4 March 2003.
Remember the SARS epidemic.

Well it came and it went but not without making people very scared and most likely making a lot of money for drug companies, the researchers of course.

The media managed to convince the world that it was facing a great threat when in reality SARS turned out to be a comparably minor disease with 8,500 infected world wide and around 812 deaths. We need to compare such figures with the 100.000 U.S. deaths from the damaging effects of pharmaceutical drugs in the same time span.
Just what is going on?

Well we know they are preparing a vaccine to fight the current bird flu. Can it be that the whole fiasco is just to make more money for the drug companies and to provide jobs for researchers that is to keep the wheels of capitalism going around and around and around. Hm...

An article in the age on 24th September illustrated the way things work: The article was discussing the high costs of drugs for baby boomers and the ethics of the health industry.

David Wroe and leonie Wood reported that Health minister Tony Abbott sees health care as an investment, not just a cost. If, for example, a drug costs $50,000 but generates $100,000 by keeping people at work and increasing their productivity, it is a plus for the economy.

Our health minister regards health care not as care but as an economic opportunity and a way to keep people employed. That is it keeps wheels of capitalism buzzing no matter the cost in loss of ethics and honesty, not to mention the loss of real health or a normal life as articulated by Tim O'Shea.

The World Health Organization has flatly stated there will not be enough vaccine to go around. On their web site, they say, "production capacity for a pandemic vaccine will be vastly inadequate unless other companies engage in vaccine seed development and preparation of batches for clinical testing." They also state that in the event of a pandemic, vaccine will be in short supply and will likely be unequally distributed
More fear is provoked, and more demand for vaccine is thus whipped up.

Then there's the money to be made for testing. They have developed a bird flu test!

Well the test doesn't actually isolate the virus. It will only detect antigens to the virus Antigens, only give us an indication that a germ is present.

And of course there's a good chance you will test positive to the test. In doing so this will increase the numbers of people supposedly suffering from bird flu, whereas in reality they are not.

But numbers is what they want in their efforts to scare the common people. And if there is such a thing as bird flu making the birds sick and die well then the finger needs to be pointed at the living conditions of the birds.

Let's look at the way the poultry industry is run in these days of globalisation and economic injustice. The birds would be kept in shocking conditions and as I said at the beginning it's not the germs that are the problem it's the body that is toxic making the germs multiply and cause trouble.

Poultry all live in a stressed anti-nature world. People live in a stressed anti people world. So why wouldn't we all get sick! Tim O'Shea writes:
The body is poisoned year by year, leading to general toxemia (blood-poisoning.)

The reasons are noted above: chemicalization of commercially available food, chemicalization of all medical drugs, and stressful toxic lifestyle. The body tries to detoxify itself by its normal processes of digestion and immune response. But it's too big of a job; there are too many weird chemicals. Digestion is blocked. The blood stagnates. The white cells and antibodies can't circulate. The colon backs up. And things breed. Favorable environments are created for the proliferation of normally harmless organisms.

Result: disease.

But telling the truth would not make any money. Cleaning up the poultry industry would not make any money. Making our world a cleaner, more pleasant place would not make money.

So the hunt continues for the vaccine and the stockpiling of anti-virals continues. Does the media ask about the safety of all these drugs and vaccines?

And if we do see a pandemic will it be a result of untested vaccines injected into willing and scared and ignorant people?

The germ theory and its acceptance allows this terrible state of affairs to continue.

It needs to be challenged. It allows the use of vaccines. Vaccines are not needed and are not safe.

Ian Sinclair in health the only immunity writes:

Graphical and statistical evidence shows that in excess of 90% of the decline in death rates from infectious disease occurred before vaccination commenced this decline owing its existence to improved sanitation, hygiene, improved nutrition and living arrangements.

That almost every polio case in the US in the previous 30 years had been associated with the vaccine itself, the same vaccine given to Australian children. That millions of children in third world countries are still dying from measles, TB tetanus, polio despite being fully vaccinated.

Sinclair confronts the obvious question

If Vaccination doesn't work, if it's dangerous then why are we still vacinating children and ourselves?

His answer:

Vaccination is an enormous industry, reaping huge profits with doctors and govt health departments under the control of the drug industry.

They have immense power and wealth , they have control over the medical profession , the medical education, and the mass media , of course. One of the most effective ways to manipulate and control people is through fear. Fear of disease and dying children.

There is but one type of immunity ,


You can give all the vaccines you want but they do not give immunity

Immunity, from the medical viewpoint, is a state in which the body's immune system is capable of recognising and destroying specific disease causing germs. So for example, if the body has immunity against measles, then supposedly, should the body come into contact with a measles germ, the immune system will take immediate action to destroy the measles germ thus preventing measles. Sounds fine in theory but it doesn't work in practise.

Many studies have shown that measles, rubella, diphtheria and other infections can still occur in fully immune individuals.

*our immune system is not designed to fight off germs, for in reality, germs are not our enemies but our friends. Their real purpose is to feed on the waste matter within our bodies and thus assist in the important task of keeping our system clean. The true relationship between man and germ is not one of open warfare but one of peaceful co-existence, a relationship that Biology refers to as symbiosis.

Louis Pasteur, father of the germ theory, confessed on his deathbed that he was wrong about the germ being the cause of disease. The famous quotation went like this. "It's the soil, not the seed."

By L Pasteur posted 3 October 05