Tuesday, September 6, 2005

End of your world

Hurricane Katrina Category 5

Although some of you are only just waking up, global warming has been around for billions of years.

Although we see it now as accelerated global warming, it's the speed difference that destroys your world.

The sea cools an interior engine that lies beneath a thin oceanic crust, and as the sea gets warmer there is something going on unseen beneath the waves. Beneath the sea magma, radiating megawatts, is incinerating carbon deposits. What we witness and only mention is the atmospheric engine as the wind picks up and messes with our hair. New Orleans was a bad hair day, nothing more.

Compare the tsunami, in that example of engines at work the interior engine overheated and the casing of the earth cracked, shifting the earths crust and causing a wave that killed hundreds of thousands.

The good news is planetary fail safe mechanisms are at work; ice sheets and glaciers are melting which will raise sea levels & cool the oceanic crust and insulate the magma layer, preventing it from exploding through the crust.

That type of detonation would catapult earth rock into space leaving craters in the moon, and it would be the end of the earth, but the planet would still be here, sans life.

Of course the downside is that we shall have to move to higher ground as the sea rises.

The world is as we humans made it, and we have all but destroyed it, which is not such a bad thing. The earth is not the world, although its confusing, world, earth planet, three words seemingly with the same meaning, so why are there three words?

In all the 1-god religions, yes-even Christianity, while they pray to any old bit of plaster decorating their temples, god informs even the hypocrite, that the meek shall inherit the earth; no book speaks of world.

And you don't need to believe in god to realise there is bullshit in all philosophy, science political or religion, but there is always an element of truth in each.

End of the world will deliver all that you are hoping, without you having to do a thing. The real work begins in establishing a new world order after a bit of anarchy, without making up another god in mans magical image to fill the void between our ears.

In the next phase of human development maybe nature will be enough.

By Simon Willace posted 6 September 05


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