Thursday, June 2, 2005

Making a mountain out of a molehill

Community condemns 'propaganda' spin on Embassy letter.

The Community says it will not be swayed by what it has called an "act of propaganda" by the Australian Government after the delivery of an alleged 'potentially' hazardous parcel to the Indonesian embassy in Canberra.

Blown out of all proportion

Prime Minister John HoWARd says the substance was not benign and sending it was an act of reckless indifference to human life. He says tests have shown the white powder sent to the embassy is a bacteria belonging to the 'bacillus group', the family which also contains the anthrax bacteria.


Staff at the embassy have been isolated, with further tests being done on the powder.

But the ACT's chief health officer, Charles Guest, says it is highly unlikely the substance involved is dangerous.

"The powder has been tested," he said. "It contained some bacteria.

"Now, bacteria are everywhere in the universe so it's not particularly significant.

Which means this could have easily just have been a potentially harmless prank and actually it was more likely than not the later yet John HoWARd, Alexander Downer, and Stupid what's his name? Kim Beazely (the well paid loser) all stood up on their high haunches alarming the general public like it was a terrorist attack?

All three of them seem overwhelmingly all too willing to embrace terror for their political posturing which would validate the cost of the biological equipment and the extreme measures taken by emergency services (at a cost of God knows how much) otherwise that equipment would just sit there in mothballs unless something validates it, even if they have to make it up?


This also promotes a fear and additional security measures that impact on our human rights and freedoms like the Anti-Terrorist Act etc.

Blast off

It also promotes HoWARd's War campaign with excuses to spend even more on defence and on military hardware.

Projecting fear into the community

HoWARd has also called on Indonesians not to react to the incident after he reacted to it? The news from Canberra has dominated Indonesian press and television reports?

Parliamentarian Joko Sisilo, who sits on Indonesia's House Foreign Affairs Committee, says Indonesia should now issue travel warnings for Australia.

He says the attack proves Australians are capable of committing their own acts of terrorism.

But he is wrong! Actually it proves the Australian Government and its pro-government media allies are all to willing to blow things out of all proportion making ' Mountains out of Molehills', more like it!

The spokesman for the Indonesian Foreign Ministry in Jakarta, Marty Natalagewa, says the incident underlines the need for responsibility in reaction to the Schapelle Corby case.

"If any good perhaps comes out of this latest sorry incident, it's perhaps it works as some kind of like an alarm bell to those who have been whipping up public emotions," he said.

Mr Natalagewa says the attack would not force changes to Indonesia's presence in Canberra.

Tests propaganda

ABC: "Meanwhile, tests on the white powder sent to the Indonesian embassy in an envelope could be completed by today.

It is already known to be a bacteria that is present in a range of products from snail pellets to anthrax."

[Why not any product from your local pharmacy or hardware store?]

ABC: "Australian officials are waiting for a translation of a note sent with the white powder to determine the motives of the attack.

Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer has said that at this stage the Federal Government cannot confirm if the threat is related to last week's jailing of Schapelle Corby in Bali.

"There was a note in Bahasa ....that's the Indonesian language - we haven't got a translation yet and obviously that will come to us fairly soon," he said.

"We understand that the parcel was sent from Victoria.

"We can't at this stage say if it was directly related to the Schapelle Corby case."

HoWARd says he now wants to wait for the test results.

"The analysis is going on and when we know the outcome of that then something further will be said," he said.

"Plainly it's not just a case of some white powder being sent - whoever sent it had a more evil intent than that."

Mr Howard says the incident will damage relations between the two countries and condemned the action.

Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley [a well paid loser] has described it as an act by evil cowards.

"If it is connected to debate and the issues around Schapelle Corby's case, it will deal it a body blow," he said."

- Additional reporting by pro-government media sources.

By Australian Correspondent Propaganda Monster 2 June 05


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