Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Most women 'should not be jailed'

Women make up 6% of the prison population in England and Wales

Imprisonment of women should be "virtually abolished", a prison reform group has said.

The Howard League for Penal Reform said jail should be reserved for women who commit serious or violent offences and remain a danger to the public.

Fewer than 10% of the 4,400 women currently locked up in England and Wales would receive jail terms if such a policy were introduced.

The number of female inmates has almost trebled since 1993.

Howard League chief Frances Crook will present the policy paper to the United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention in Bangkok next month.

"Women are being sent to prison in unacceptable numbers and are suffering disproportionately when they are inside," she said.

"Even the Government recognises that this is not a consequence of increased crime amongst women but rather greater severity by the courts.

"The Howard League is recommending that prison custody for women should be virtually abolished so that only those women who are convicted of serious and violent offences and who represent a continuing danger to the public should be held in custody.

"For other women offenders, community-based interventions that make amends for the wrong done and encourage women to change their lives offer the best change of creating a safer society."

The number of women being sent to jail - many on short sentences - increased to 13,380 in 2002, a leap of about a third compared with just three years earlier.

By The Howard League posted 9 March 05


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Prison System Fails Women, Study Says
State policies designed for violent men make female offenders' rehabilitation difficult, an oversight panel finds. "If we fail to intervene effectively in the lives of these women and their children now, California will pay the cost for generations to come," said Commissioner Teddie Ray, chairwoman of the subcommittee that produced the report.

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UK: Six out of 10 women sent to jail while they await trial are acquitted or given a non-custodial sentence, a report published today reveals. Introducing the report, Lady Kennedy QC calls for a complete review of the use of remand and bail for women saying it is "inhumane and unjust".

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2nd Renaissance -36 Let The Girls Go! [263]
During 2003 an Australian woman, Kathleen Folbigg, was sentenced to 40 years in prison, with a non-parole period of 30 years. Her crime, which she continues to deny, was to consecutively smother her four children when they were aged between 8 and 19 months. She was largely convicted on the basis of entries in her private diary, although these did not specifically refer to her having killed her two sons and two daughters; only that she was her father's daughter. Her lawyers are appealing her conviction.