Monday, February 14, 2005

NSW Prison System and, 'Justice Health'?

Bathurst Prison

This is just a letter to your organisation to inform you and update your knowledge about this NSW prison system and The Corrective Health Service now known as 'Justice Health'.

I have been at Bathurst Gaol since 9 November 2003. I have had an appeal lodged since 22 January 2004, against my conviction and I am still waiting on a date to be set.

I was transferred to Bathurst from Lithgow Correctional Centre on 9 November 2004. Two weeks prior that date I had sent a letter to (DCS) head office in Sydney with a request that,

1. If I had my "B" classification could I be transferred to Windsor Gaol.

2. My Dutch friends (aged 74 and 76) would have the possibility of visiting me there every two weeks because they live in the Windsor area.

On 21 January 2005, I received an answer from (DCS) that I could not be transferred to Windsor. They wrote that they were aware that I was transferred to Bathurst Correctional Centre with a "B" classification since 11 January 2005.

Justice Health?

On 16 December 2004, I broke my teeth so I had to go to the gaol clinic to ask to see the dentist. Their answer was "Sorry Alex the dentist is on holiday and will be back in January 2005. The clinic provided me with 'Panadine' to control my pain. My name was on the dentist list in Silverwater remand centre (2003) Lithgow (2004) but I was never called up.

On 22 December 2004, I had an abscess because of the broken teeth. The same day they also found infection in my left eye. So I was taken to Bathurst Hospital on 23 December 2004.

The doctor there sent me to Sydney because they did not have the proper medication to deal with the infection. So an ambulance was called to take me to Sydney. About 8.30 pm that night three new fresh officers arrived to escort me (handcuffed) in the ambulance.

I was to be taken to Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH) but not before a stop in Penrith (to take on a fresh ambulance driver). Off we go again!

So I think I've arrived at (PWH) But with a second glance I was at (LBH) Long Bay Prison Hospital. They couldn't take me to (PWH) because I had to be admitted to Long Bay Hospital first. Subsequently the following morning I was finally taken to (PWH).

At (PWH) I had undergone and operation and had 8 teeth removed from my jaw (left and right) and cleaning because of the infection and my left eye handled with medication. Taken back to LBH

So you can see how good the Corrective Health Service or 'Justice Health' as it's now called is for inmates in NSW prisons. After more than 14 months on the dentist list, 8 teeth lost and almost lost my left eye. Then I was taken straight back to Long Bay Hospital for aftercare and subsequently tipped to Silverwater's Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre (MRRC), to recover after my operation? Thanks!

On 8 January 2005, about I must go to the (MRRC) Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre because (LBH) needed my bed for an inmate from (MRRC). So if I go there the other inmate could have my bed at (LBH). Only that inmate from (MRRC) did not go to (LBH) because I met him in Darcy 1 at the (MRRC). So I spent 3 days in Darcy 1 locked in without my TV, radio, books or jug. Nice, just after an operation to recover from surgery.

But now everything is all right (I hope). I saw the dentist last week.

She promised me that in a few months she would call me again to look if she can make a plate with some teeth to make my mouth and face more normal.

So back in Bathurst (11 Jan 2005) I start working again in the Cable Shop. Then I notice that I am missing 3 weeks pay from Bathurst. It was from 23 December up until 11 January 2005, and I am still waiting for my lost wages to date. The answer from the gaol is sorry Alex you were not here, Long Bay must pay you. But Long Bay didn't pay me because Bathurst gaol is my gaol of classification and I must be on the sick list from Bathurst to receive it.

On top of all of that my personal laundry that I put in before leaving Bathurst on 23 December is still missing. This is the NSW Prison System and Justice Health in 2005.

PS) Did I mention that the rats in Long Bay are as big as cats!!!

By Alex Linnenbank 14 February 05


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