Monday, November 29, 2004

Windsor calls for funding inquiry

The independent federal member for New England, Tony Windsor, is calling for an inquiry into what he says are political pre-conditions being placed on funding for major projects by the Federal Government.

Mr Windsor says there are some instances in which money has been provided to fund such projects without an application form.

He says he has received calls from a number of different electorates to back up the claim and will present evidence in Parliament this week.

"There's a gathering number of incidents right across Australia where similar patterns are developing," he said.

"It's appropriate that particularly people in the Senate have a close look at that with a view to a wide-ranging inquiry as to the propriety of these arrangements, the privilege of the local members in the case of some of them and the management of taxpayers funding."

"I see it getting to the very heart of our parliamentary democracy, the use of tax payers money for political purposes rather than public good," he said.

Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson says Mr Windsor is making ridiculous allegations?

Mr Anderson says the Government fully stands by the projects funded under its regional partnerships program.

By Just Us 29 November 04


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