Sunday, November 28, 2004

Melbourne Ukrainians protest election result

The Melbourne Ukrainian community has added its voice to the wide international condemnation of the Ukraine election result. Hundreds of people rallied at Parliament House in Melbourne, branding the result fraudulent and corrupt.

They demanded opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko be allowed to assume the role of president.

Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations chairman Stefan Romaniw told the protesters democracy needs to be cherished.

"No Yanukovich, no Putin, nobody will take that democracy away from us because there is people power and we want democracy in Ukraine," he said.

Mr Romaniw says the Australian Government should take a stand.

"We now call on the Prime Minister Mr Howard to stand up and say that one, the elections are not legal, two, that we support the only true candidate," he said.

"This is a big step and we ask the Prime Minister to take that big step."

By Yanukovich Out and Putin Out 28 November 04