Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Disabled declare Israel ignorant!

Disabled supporters declare that Israel is 'ignorant' after the 67-year-old wheelchair-bound cleric Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed along with seven others when the Apache helicopter fired three missiles into the convoy of cars escorting him home.

Hamas founder and spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was assassinated in an Israeli helicopter gunship attack as he left a Gaza Strip mosque.

For an Israeli Prime Minister to direct that the Israeli army strikes a person with a disability that cannot defend himself is not fit to hold office in the Government.

The Israeli Prime Minster who ordered the army to shoot the person with missiles should be charged with conspiracy to murder and the army that carried out his orders should be sacked and charged with murder.

I call on the Government to stand down a killer prime minister who kills innocent people. The law does not allow people to take justice into their own hands.

I call on all Disability Agencies to write a letter of complaint to our own Government the United Nations Security Council and Amnesty international.

How can the long term effect deter other offenders the real offenders is the Israel army and the Prime Minister

Yes it was a big mistake and it should not have happened. What were the bodyguards doing wrong?

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon personally directed the strike from his ranch just outside the Gaza Strip, Israeli radio reported.

By James Condren Disability Trust posted 24 March 04