Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Hiroshima in Doonside?

Police prepare to set off a controlled explosion in the house at Blacktown

Police detonated five controlled explosions in a Sydney home raided in connection with a huge car bomb blast that shook the city's suburbs. Bomb Squad officers rigged the house in Kildare Road, Blacktown, to destroy what they described as volatile material.

After the magistrate of a local court in Sydney described a bomb that went off at Doonside in Sydney's west as tantamount to Hiroshima the Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock says new guidelines restricting the sale of dangerous chemicals should be introduced as a matter of urgency after a homemade bomb was detonated in Sydney's west at the weekend.

A 28-year-old Sydney man has been charged with detonating a 100-kilogram bomb made from chemicals available for sale over the counter the blast, [allegedly], left a crater several metres deep and destroyed an abandoned car and certainly not like Hiroshima?

[No photos of the blast site alleging a crater several metres deep were produced by the media or police?
The overpressure values, in pounds per square inch, (PSI) - is only 4 PSI for Ammonium Nitrate and diesel and that wouldn't leave any hole in the ground several metres deep.]

Industry regulation and codes of behaviour are measures being considered.

Ruddock says state, territory and Federal governments are considering ways to limit the sale of over-the-counter chemicals. "There is urgency and I would concede that and I am certainly pressing the issue," Now the importance of doing something in this area is a matter which would be on the minds of State premiers and leaders and as well as the Commonwealth."

One of the proposals being considered is to require buyers to produce identification when purchasing chemicals.

"What's going to happen in relation to a matter of this sort, an agreed position is going to have to be reached," he said.

New South Wales Police Minister John Watkins says people's rights need to be balanced against any possible changes to the sale of chemicals that could be used in bomb making.

Watkins says NSW is formulating a response to the national counter-terrorist committee which is looking at a range of products.

[? Scapegoat, fear-mongering, propaganda, committee for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East.]

Watkins: "New South Wales fully supports the work being done by the National Counter-terrorist Committee and I want to see that resolved as quickly as possible but we do need to strike a balance," Mr Watkins said.

[Because it supports the federal governments war agenda.]

Watkins: "New South Wales will support any sensible measure that makes the community safer but we have to also take into the needs of law abiding farmers, gardeners and people with swimming pools in the backyard."

Ed: This story may be true but the fact is fertiliser bombs don't leave craters in the ground several metres deep. So where did the media get that information from? Where are the photos? The Attorney Generals PR experts?

The overpressure values, in pounds per square inch, (PSI) - is only 4 PSI for Ammonium Nitrate and diesel and that wouldn't leave any hole in the ground several metres deep. So this article has been beefed up for propaganda reasons, for the governments resource wars and their war agenda.

By The Magistrate 13 January 04