Thursday, December 18, 2003

May Well Be: Xmas 2003

I would have no problem with fundamental Christians if they were fundamentally following Christ's teachings and example, instead of dragging up old Scripture, like pharoses, to bitch about gays, without mentioning the other doozeys from Deuteronomy, like how ungodly "exit mould" is, who you can rightfully enslave, and the evil of polyester/cotton blends.

If you're interested in what Jesus actually said about marriage, have a look at Matthew 19v10-12.

Is he implying that androgyny is more Godly than being a husband or wife?

Even when he wasn't kicking over the tables in the temples, he didn't have much respect for religious authorities, who he said were not righteous enough for heaven.

(See, for example, Matthew 5v20)

People who swear on the Bible should read Matthew 5v34-37.

Jesus Christ

This man was not born on Christmas Day

He was Born in September 6 B.C.E. December 25th was chosen hundreds of years later to convert those who celebrated this as (the Persian God) Mithra's birthday, and to colonise the Pagan Yuletide customs around the Winter Solstice.

This man never got a bike for Christmas

As an infant, he was given gold, incense and embalming herb. Somehow this is now supposed to justify an annual orgy of envy, consumption, acquisition and greed.

This man never justified war

"Blessed are the peacemakers" Matthew 5v9

"Turn the other cheek" Matthew 5v39

"Love your enemies" Matthew 5 v44

This man never tried to ban gay marriage

Or lock up refugees, or dictate who is "good" and who is "evil".

"Judge not, that ye be not judged" Matthew 7v1

His only commandments are to love God completely, and to love each other Mark 12v30-31

May you with peace and love blessed be

By Nori May Well Be 18 December 03


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Leader of the child molesters, Pope John Paul II has called for political leaders who violate human rights to be punished, in a World Day of Peace message released amid worldwide debate over how Saddam Hussein should be brought to justice.

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