Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Taiwan politician says AIDS is wrath of God

Taiwan's Vice President Annette Lu

Gay rights activists have been infuriated in Taiwan by comments made by the island's vice president.
Taiwan's Vice President Annette Lu has provoked harsh criticism from the local gay community after suggesting AIDS was God's punishment for homosexuality.

But where did AIDS come from really?

[Manufactured in a lab and placed in smallpox vaccines and sent to Africa for the purpose of depopulation.]

It is my understanding that biological warfare is sustainable for pests. Sexually transmitted viruses have already been used to stop pests and prevent them from reproducing.

Is it possible that poorer nations have been targeted by evil capitalists eager to get their hands on the nations wealth by killing off its "army and citizens by stealth" using biological WMD's?

Poorer nations who cannot afford a cure perhaps? Poorer nations who are rich in oil and resources but without the means to develop such resources.

Television reports of an AIDS awareness event this weekend have shown Ms Lu saying: "God felt it's time to mete out punishment, or there would not be any difference between men and animals."

Ms Lu's remarks have been severely condemned by local gay rights groups.

The presidential office has released a statement expressing regret over the reports.

They say the vice president's remarks had been misinterpreted.

By Genocide? December 9 03

THE RABBIT: Perhaps Ms Lu was half right in that someone thinks they're God and the punishment is a bio weapon silently killing the masses sexually and targeting people who have little or no defence against such a plague.

If the rest of the world really cared why wouldn't they respond by making sure everyone affected by AIDS was entitled to the best AIDS cure? That is one way to help prove that this is not a bio war or genocide against poorer nations of the world.