Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Eli Lilly buys Schizophrenia Fellowship

I think anyone concerned about the capture of community/consumer groups by pharmaceutical companies will not feel reassured by the current website of the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW.

New Section on Quality of Life!

The Schizophrenia Fellowship of New South Wales recently developed best practice guidelines for the treatment of schizophrenia in conjunction with the NSW Centre for Mental Health, entitled "The Schizophrenias: Guidelines for a holistic approach to clinical practice". During this process, quality of life issues were identified as an important contributing factor to the recovery process.

With the financial support of Eli Lilly, this section of the web site is dedicated to these issues. Topics such as legal and human rights, homelessness and accommodation, consumer empowerment, family and partnerships, rural health, children of parents with a mental illness, sex and gender issues, late life schizophrenia and employment and vocational rehabilitation are addressed, taking into account the many situations that people living with a mental illness are faced with.

By Mental Health 3 December 03