Monday, August 4, 2003

Skippy (The Bush Kangaroo): ADI site

NSW weighs options on kangaroos at ADI site

The New South Wales Opposition is demanding to know what the Environment Minister has planned for thousands of kangaroos at the former Australian Defence Industries (ADI) site in western Sydney.

Skippy. Skippy. Skippy the bush kangaroo..

The Government has ruled out a cull of the animals, believing it would place the safety of nearby residents at risk.

The kangaroo population needs to be reduced by 40 per cent as part of a new residential development planned for the site.

Shadow Environment Minister Michael Richardson says the problem remains unsolved.

"The only thing that you could do is to transfer a proportion of them to another part of the state, maybe to a national park," he said.

"He hasn't said what he intends to do. He should spell that out. He should spell out what the impact on the kangaroo population wherever he sends them is going to be."

A spokesman for Environment Minister Bob Debus says relocation or sterilisation of the kangaroo population are options being considered.

By Bob Debus 8 August 03

Skippy. Skippy. Skippy your friend ever true

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