Monday, January 20, 2003

Criminal blood of Australians behind boycott threat Mugabe

Lusaka: Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, lashed out at Australia on Tuesday over its threats to boycott cricket World Cup matches in that country branding Australians ex-criminals.

By Captain Cook 20 January 03


George Bush's other poodle
John Howard, Australia's PM, is the mouse that roars for America, whipping his country into war fever and paranoia about terrorism within.

Prisoners Representatives Excommunicated
Ron Woodham, Commissioner Corrective Services stated "[this Department] does not recognise Justice Action as an advocate on correctional centre issues." He has ordered a ban on all Justice Action material inside the NSW prison system. This resulted from a request for the approval of the latest edition of Framed (the Magazine of Justice Action) to be distributed throughout NSW prisons as has occurred for the past ten years.

Govt plays down reports of complicity to torture its own citizens
The complicit federal Government says reports there are two highly trained members of Al Qaeda operating in Australia selling GI and are consistent with information it has already released.

Australia: politicians should watch police
In Sydney yesterday the Opposition police spokesman, Andrew Tink, urged Federal Labor MPs to allow the public hearing of the claims, which include that senior police, the PIC and the Ombudsman's office were failing to investigate legitimate complaints of misconduct, including corruption in the police promotion system.

Demolishing Democracy
How Bob Carr, [ the Coalition of the Killing,] and Bin Laden gave birth to the NSW police state. The [CIA false flag ]Bali bombings could not have come at a 'better time' for [the Coalition of the Killing and] Bob Carr and his project to bring an end to Westminster democracy in NSW.

Chip off the old Block
A spokesperson for Justice Action Ms Stolen Generation said, "This policy will not eliminate drug use.This is no more than prohibition instituted by a private company and stood over by a privatised government who does not want to know about drugs that are awash at yuppie night clubs where the who's who gather to get stoned. The last thing drug users need is to be tossed out of their home on to the street. What loser came up with that idea? This is an invasion of our privacy", She said.