Thursday, November 14, 2002

The Tree of Dreams

Come make a wish. I know it will come true, it did for me...

I don't know when your wish will come true, that remains the secret of the tree.

This lush and tranquil tree is waiting to take care of your wish before she has to go back to our wonderful Universe. How?

Well, at the top of the tree is the Angel who has fluorescent blue wings, in fact 'superflurient' the brightest light.

Eve Cline a Frenchman invented chromium blue pigment to enhance paint. Cline "I invited the spirit in and spoke at the same time", and that is how I invented chromium.

I think he was saying that 'to create one must be on good terms, and at peace with our wonderful Universe'.

Above the tree of dreams is the Sun, who never complains. Every morning the sun rises without a complaint. No winging, no pay rises. 'What is there, is all that there is from the Sun'.

At the bottom of the Sun is the Ocean. Flow, the water moves around the rocks. A reed in a river bends when there is a flood and rises once more after the water has receded.

So when things don't work out you can move on and just keep cruising. Only when you can 'accept' what there is can you move on, making the most out of what you have got (improvising). Then you're not wasting 'positive energy' by being negative about what is wrong and why.

So when the clouds rise and the rain stops in 'my time', 'your time' when you can understand the process by accepting and integrating your past experiences, smiling perhaps. Hopefully, creating and achieving to help fill the void left in your life.

Who knows you may even learn to help someone while you're waiting...

In the distance the Sun looks across at the other side at the Moon, Full moon leading your way into the dark. OM, to pray.

Will to power, using invisible energy, love, peace, and kindness.

The Chinese say, "by non action everything can be done".

A psychiatrist says "don't just do something, stand there".

So there you are, sparkling and shinning and the Angel can see you more clearly and can identify with you as a human being that does your best.

Now your dream can come true.

By Gregory Kable 14 Nov 2002

Illustration: Based on The Tree of Dreams by Soheni Arora

Once upon a wonderous planet
The race of Innocents did live.
The Gods were happy with the folk
And gave them all they had to give.