Friday, June 28, 2002

Noisy Vehicles

How come noisy vehicles didn't rate in the media outburst last night on the ABC 7: PM news, threatening a category of citizens.

Once again the ABC gets the award with its news presenter is alarming us about "anti social behaviour." 'Not people who break the law.' Just nice average young people described and labelled as 'car hoons', being the most popular person to pick on.

Does that mean we can send all the other categories like noisy 'trucks and motorbikes' around to Carl Scully's house? Is this some sort of mind-set about age, creativity, race, colour, creed, or behaviour, according to who? If it looks like, or you don't agree, with a certain type of behaviour, then it's better to rally up all the other shallow minds to disagree about someone else's behaviour rather than agree about people who break the law.

Strange how people in government suffer from discriminative, shallow minds. What about all vehicles? Like the motorbikes that thunder up and down from Kings Cross to Bondi and surrounds and through the streets of Sydney setting off car alarms. Like lord muck with hitler helmets, and green lighted by police, who allow them to stage a sit in on the rank at the Cross, where noone else is aloud to park, or else they get booked. In fact it may not even be a bike rank? Above the law? people on their high powered bikes racing up and down the suburb. Check the sound that comes out of the mufflers Carl Scully by standing at the top of Centre Point Tower.

By Gregory Kable 7 June 2002

ED:Then you can be productive and check the noise level of all motor vehicles at Registration. Informing us that you have failed wouldn't give you any points. So stop trying to get a meddle for discrimination because it doesn't work in 2002.